Frequently Asked Questions

My dog was sprayed by a skunk. How do i get rid of the smell?

First, do not bring it into the house. Skunk spray is oil based, so it absorbs and bonds to fabrics and carpet fibres quickly. Most people will try tomato juice, unfortunately it does not break down the oil in the spray, therefore it is not very useful.

The most effective remedy we have found is:

  • 1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 tsp liquid soap
  • 1/4 cup baking soda

Mix ingredients, wash pet, let it soak for a couple minutes, rinse and repeat if necessary. DO NOT store mixture in a sealed container.

I had a bat in the house, do you think it the only one?

Bats live in colonies anywhere from a couple dozen to several hundred or more. When you find a bat in the house, it is a very good indicator you might have a colony living somewhere within the building, unless there was a window left open at night with no screen on it.

If a bat is found in the house between the months of October and March (when bats are usually hibernating) then it is almost certain you have a colony either up in the attic, in the soffit or living in the exterior walls of the building.

How do i keep wildlife off my roof?

Squirrels and raccoons are both excellent climbers, which makes it very difficult, in most cases impossible to prevent them from accessing your roof. They will jump from overhanging tree branches, climb the downspouts for your eavestroughs, scale brick walls, and even shimmy up the corner piece on vinyl siding. If they want on your roof, they will find a way.

Why don't you use live traps and relocate the animals?

A lot of people think if you get rid of the animal you will get rid of the problem. Unfortunately, when wildlife are removed from the area (its territory), more animals move into that area because there is now a surplus of food and den sites. Over time, this practice creates a denser population of wildlife which becomes a never ending battle that will only benefit the trapper who profits from the repeat business.

Wildlife will always be in your neibourhood, so WE focus on the two controllable factors, food and den.

Removing food sources like bird feeders, having your lawn treated for white grub (if present) and keeping your garbage contained will all make a huge difference in minimizing the attraction of wildlife to your property.

Fixing and removing the den is where Tracks Wildlife Control shines. We know what it takes to animal proof your roof, deck, shed or entire house to prevent the animal intrusion from ever happening again. Our repairs and animal proofing are a long term/ guaranteed solution, NOT a short-term fix.

How do i get the smell of “skunk” out of my house?

When you have a skunk living under a porch or deck, occasionally they will spray in their den. The smell will permeate through cracks in the foundation, or is brought in through ventilation ducts/air exchangers. As soon as the smell is noticed, open all windows immediately, and shut off the furnace. By shutting off the furnace, you are preventing the spread of the skunk odour into the ductwork, furnace filter and any unaffected parts of the house. Placing bowls of vinegar or air sponges and lighting candles throughout the house will also help mask the smell while you are “airing out the house” with the windows open.

Do ultrasonic devices or odour deterrents like moth balls work?

The majority of our customers have tried some or all of these before calling us. They are not an effective solution, and are only good for prolonging your problem.

What is digging up my lawn?

If you have white grubs present in your lawn, both skunks and raccoons will “dig and dine” on them. Hiring a lawn care company to rid your lawn of the grubs is the only solution.