Bird Facts

Starlings and sparrows are the two most common species that look to inhabit your home. Commonly found nesting in a oven, dryer or bathroom fan vent pipe, these birds will also reside in your attic or the soffit of your home. Most birds will return and continue too build on top of the previous years nest, until they are removed and prevented from doing so. 



Common Concerns

Common concerns with birds nesting in your house are mainly the odour caused by the accumulation of droppings in their nest or the death of a bird inhabiting the nest. Bird droppings can also be a health hazard (see Common Wildlife Diseases). Birds always try too block the entire vent pipe to the bathroom, dryer or oven fan, obstructing the air flow, which will eventually burn out the dryer or fan motor. Mites, fleas and ticks are commonly found in birds nests. 



Bird Removal and Control

Bird removal is pretty straight forward. We remove the birds and nesting material from the oven or bathroom vent, and ensure the vent is exhausting properly. We then repair or replace the plastic vent cover on the exterior of the house if it is damaged, and install a special bird exclusion cover. This cover is what prevents the birds from re-entering, but still allows the wall vent to exhaust the gasses from the house. If babies are present in the nest, they are removed and placed in a temporary nesting box on the outside of the house. This allows the birds to finish raising them (normally
only a couple of weeks) and then we return to remove the nesting box.