About Us/Procedures

Tracks Wildlife Control only uses effective humane removal techniques that play on the animals natural habits and instincts.

This allows us to remove the animal(s) much quicker and with less damage to your property.

We have a specifically designed one-way door for every animal we deal with. A raccoon door is different from a skunk door and a squirrel door is different from a bat one-way door. These animal specific one-way doors are installed in front of the entry hole, forcing it to exit through the door, which close behind them, preventing it from re-entering. In most cases, the animals leave the same day.

Best of all, this method removes unlimited numbers of animals, which saves you money. When dealing with raccoons or squirrels, you might have 1, 2, 3, or more, that are all happily living together in your attic or chimney.

Once the animals have been removed, we then repair the entry hole to prevent any further re-infestations.

During baby season, we thoroughly inspect the attic or den for any young. Once located, they are placed in a heated release box by the entry hole which serves two purposes. First, it baits the mom out through the one-way door too be re-united with her young. Second, the release box keeps the young in a warm, safe location allowing the mom to relocate the babies one by one, off of your property to one of her other dens.

Our techniques, knowledge and years of experience with wildlife gives us the advantage over other pest control companies.